Want To Know More? Take A Look At The FAQ Below

The booths should be used with a SAFE disinfectant suitable for use on the Skin. The most common is HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid). The units do NOT use alcohol spray. 

NO. The booth is purely a tools to help STOP the spread of the virus. Many organisations have cleaned inside and have sterile areas. If someone has the virus on their clothing or accessories these could contaminate the entire area. By spraying people before they enter this helps to stop the spread.

Yes absolutely. If used correctly these booths are a safe tool to help stop the spread of COVID-19

Yes. The booths are made from Fiberglass and all controls are contained within the waterproof cupboard on the unit. The electrical system is 24vdc and there are no dangerous parts which a person could touch. 

The booths are desinged for ALL COUNTRIES and have a 100v – 220v input adapter. The working voltage is 24v DC

YES. All psrts are common electrical parts which can be found in your local area. The control box consists of a basic Omron Relay and Timer and standard 24V Transformer. We also provide spare parts if you cannot get locally. 

Yes. We have 2 Optional Temperature Sensora which can be fitted to the entrance of the Booths. The choice is either a IR Temperature Sensor or a Face Recognition Sensor.

The spray booth is classed as a DISPENSER and not a medical device or similar. This means the booth is not required to have any FDA certification. Any LIQUID used should have FDA approval. 

NO. The spray booth is classed as a DISPENSER EQUIPMENT with HS CODE 842489. This means it is not a medical device or any other type of special equipment and therefore no special import licence is required. If in doubt please check with your local customs office.